Why Women Should Regularly Consult a Gynecologist

Women in India majorly face infertility issues and anemia. Breast cancer is also the most common type of cancer among Indian women. It simply indicates that Indian women are lacking in taking proper care of themselves. Women body is more complex than a man’s body. Therefore, it requires more care and concern than men. After attaining womanhood, every woman should get the advice of women specialists at every stage of their life. For this, find a women’s speciality hospital in gachibowli, where ladies can go for an annual body checkup. Regular checkups by gynecologist guide women in taking proper care of themselves. Now if you are thinking about why regular consultation with a gynecologist is crucial and what is discussed in the consultation then read the full article to get your answer- 

  • To better understand body changes

Women face various changes at different stages of life. First after hitting puberty, then at attaining adulthood, during pregnancy, after pregnancy, and finally after menopause. To easily understand and adapt to these changes, women need guidance from a gynecologist. Women think these changes occur in the body of every woman, that’s why it does not require a doctor. But actually, every woman needs to understand these changes and implications. Women should know how to take care of themselves and their health during different stages. Lack of information is causing health problems among women. By better understanding their bodies, women can save themselves from various diseases. Hence, regular consultation with a gynecologist is crucial for women.

  • Examination for cervical cancel

Regular consultation with a gynecologist involves an examination of various health factors. One of these factors is cervical cancer. In India, cervical cancer is increasing in women. A gynecologist does a pap smear test of women to check cervix cells where cancer develops. If anything problematic is discovered in the test, the doctor can quickly start the treatment. Secondly, the test also tells the chances of developing cervical cancer. Based on test results, doctors give treatment to prevent or cure the cancer. To ensure that you are not developing cervical cancer, visit a female specialist regularly. 

  • Breast examination

Cases of breast cancer are continuously increasing in women. However, women can reduce their consequences with regular medical checkups. A Gynecologist can also tell preventive steps for breast cancer. On regular checkups women specialists check every aspect of women’s health including the breast. If the doctor finds any signs or possibility of cancer, she informs the patient at the earliest and starts the essential procedures. Women specialists also tell patients the methods to self-examine the breast to find if there is any tumor in it. A regular visit to a gynecologist can reduce the chances of developing breast cancer in women.

  • Discuss Birth control

Sexually active women should compulsorily visit women specialists frequently. If you are not planning pregnancy, then you should consult the gynecologist about birth control measures. Women specialists can tell you safe and reliable solutions for birth control. Unwanted pregnancy put mental pressure on women. Plus, if women are not physically ready to carry a baby, pregnancy could prove dangerous for them. That’s why sexually active women should timely have a consultation with gynecologists.

  • To plan pregnancy  

Couples should consult a gynecologist before planning a pregnancy. The doctor can talk better about the condition of a woman’s body to conceive a baby. Gynecologists can prescribe some medicines, diets, or exercises if women need to prepare their bodies for pregnancy. To have a healthy baby, a mother should be fit and healthy. Regular consultation with a gynecologist keeps the woman’s body healthy for pregnancy. Hence, if you are also planning pregnancy, find the best women and child hospital in gachibowli for consultation. A specialist doctor can tell the preventative steps for a safe pregnancy, and if there are any risks or problems, treatment can be started. 

  • Menstrual Cycle

Women should also consult about their menstrual cycle with a gynecologist regularly. Any change in the menstrual cycle, bleeding, or vaginal discharge, can not be ignored. These changes can be a sign of some serious medical condition. Therefore, keep discussing your cycle with the doctor and take the advice for healthy menstruation. 

  • Vaginal Discharge

Women sometimes ignore their vaginal discharge. But it says so many things about a woman’s health which only a gynecologist can understand. Therefore, in regular meetings with a gynecologist, women should tell what type of vaginal discharge they are getting. Any abnormalities should not be hidden from the woman’s specialist. 

  • Ovary Health

Ovaries are crucial for women. The reproductive strength of women depends on their ovaries. Therefore, every woman should regularly get an ovary health check from a gynecologist. Any problem in the ovary can cause trouble for women in conceiving a baby. Hence, to ensure you don’t suffer any such problems in the future, start visiting a gynecologist regularly. 

  • To prevent STDs

Sexually active women should regularly meet gynecologists to prevent themselves from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). Unprotected sex with multiple partners increases the risk of STDs. Hence, women should discuss STD prevention methods with their doctors. Discussing it beforehand safe women from serious medical ailments. 

  • To report any change in normal health condition 

Women should regularly meet gynecologists to report them about their health condition. These discussions should include consultation about menstrual health, sexual health, vaginal discharges, the health of the breast and vagina, etc. Patients should inform the doctor if they observe any abnormalities in these areas and processes. These abnormalities can cause critical health problems to women, if not solved on time. 

Most women in India are ignorant about their health. Those who think about their health, do not visit gynecologists regularly. But it’s high time now, and women should understand the importance of their health. Women’s body is already very complex. Plus, the changing environment and lifestyle are affecting them mostly. Hence, wherever you live, find a gynecologist and book your appointment. Just type for example, best gynecologist pune on Google and book an appointment with the best one.

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