Save Time, Money and Labor Costs with Label Applicators and Label Printer Applicators

A properly applied label is essential to the product’s overall look. A poorly applied label crooked with wrinkles or air bubbles will harm the brand and image. Are you tired of the time-consuming manual labelling solution? In that case, you can now make use of the label applicators that are designed to meet your specific needs, whether you want to label Ampoules, Vials, Glass Bottles, Pet Bottles, Tins, Pouches, Cassettes, Floppy Disk, Square Box, Containers, Syringes and many more products. The key benefits of these machines are speed, efficiency and neat identical placement of labels.

On the other hand, label printer applicators apply human-readable and barcode information on various products, from primary packaging items to cartons or pallets. The Label Printer Applicators increase productivity and accuracy by printing and automatically applying labels on demand. Hence, reduce costs by eliminating the expensive task of applying labels to products by hand. These are majorly used for manufacturing, shipping, pharmaceutical, product branding & pricing, food & beverage, and the packaging industry.

Time and Cost-Saving Benefits of Label Applicators

Straight and accurate labelling is challenging to do by hand. With manual labelling, the labels can never be applied cleanly or in the same position or stuck crookedly. In such cases, the labels become visually unattractive, and the information cannot be readable. Using a label applicator can increase quality control to quickly put better-looking products on the market. A label applicator can apply labels precisely to give the product a professional finish.

It can apply a label to various surfaces regardless of the product’s shape and material. The working methods of label applicators include the air-blow process, tamp-blow and wipe-on. Most businesses use label applicators to save time and money and reduce labour costs since one does not need a worker for labelling tasks. The label applicators are also easy to use and require little maintenance. Also, many label applicators have automated mechanisms that reduce the need for an operator and improve efficiency. These applicators ensure precise label placement, minimising errors and ensuring consistent labelling quality. 

Automatic Label Applicators: A Flexible Technology for Businesses

Automatic Labeling System quickly and precisely apply preprinted pressure-sensitive labels to various products and packages. These applicators are best when the production volume increases, or the businesses work with different container shapes. Many manufacturing units specialise in a wide variety of products; therefore, the label applicator must also be able to adjust to changing circumstances. One of the most essential advantages of automatic Labeling System is that it brings flexibility.

A large-scale manufacturer has to keep labelling different products occasionally; however, with a correct automatic label printer and applicator, the manufacturer can change the change or adjust the relevant setting to apply labels to specific products. With Automatic Label Applicators, one can label more products quickly and increase output and efficiency. Businesses can avoid misaligned, crooked, or wrinkled labels that can damage the brand image and customer satisfaction. It can also save money on labour, materials and energy. It is a technology-oriented tool that reduces the number of errors in the production process with high-tech parameters such as verification options.  Also, it features imagers and scanners that verify the text’s legibility and barcodes, making them valuable.

Abilities of Label Printer Applicators

Today, manufacturers are looking to automate their labelling with Label Printer Applicators(LPAs), which are more reliable and efficient than ever. A label printer applicator is a basic robot that automatically prints pressure-sensitive labels and applies them to various products. Label Printer Applicators automatically sense the product, quickly apply the label and return.

It consists of three main elements a Printer, Applicator and Controller. One can use it to label primary products and secondary packaging and can also be used to apply labels to pallets. These applicator machines’ primary abilities are to eliminate the expense and inconvenience of preprinted labels, eliminate label obsolescence, reduce labour costs and provide faster, more accurate labelling.

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