An Installation Guide to Keyless Door Lock

Keyless Door Lock

By following a few simple steps, you can quickly install the keyless door lock without expensive equipment.

Keyless smart door locks do not need keys, providing convenience and security for your home. A keyless lock is easy to install without expensive equipment. You don’t have to be a professional handyman or pay high installation costs. However, you need to ensure that you have all the necessary parts before you start the installation.

1. What tools are required to install keyless door locks?

When you are ready to install the keyless door lock, you must know what tools are needed. This may vary depending on the brand and model of the keyless door lock you purchased. However, there are some standard tools available for most installations:

1) A screwdriver

It is better to use the adjustable head because different sizes of screws can be used.

2) Bit

This tool is used to drill holes in walls or doors so that screws can be threaded through these holes so that they will not slide out of any position during installation. You need to ensure that the drill bit is very suitable for your door bolt size; If the installation is not correct, your lock or door frame may be damaged during installation.

3) Socket wrench or ratchet wrench

This tool is used to remove and install hardware such as hinges and handles from doors or drawers (and many other things). Tape measure – Use this tool together with the measurement mark on the door/window to help guide the position where the measurement should be taken during installation.

4) Battery

The keyless door lock needs a battery for normal operation. If there is no battery in the product you purchase, please ensure that there is a battery box before installing anything else, otherwise, the device will not work properly after installation.

5) Mallet and chisel

To cut the mortise on the door, use a chisel to scrape off the excess wood on both sides of the lock. Then hit it with your mallet until you have a beautiful and clean eyelet.

2. How to install a keyless door lock step by step?

Now, let’s look at the step-by-step instructions for installing keyless door locks.

1) Step 1: Prepare all necessary tools.

Before installing a new keyless door lock, make sure you have all the necessary tools. You need to prepare several screwdrivers, a set of drill bits or screwdriver bits, a level gauge, and at least one drill bit.

2) Step 2: Remove the old door lock.

The first thing you should do is remove all the old hardware from the door. This includes any handle or knob connected to it. First, remove the old door lock (if you haven’t already). If you want to replace the existing lock, this is very simple – use a screwdriver to unscrew the screw that fixes it, and then remove it.

If this is a new installation, you need to remove all the screws that connect the current hardware to the door before removing the hardware. Note: Please clean all surfaces. Wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth or paper towel, remove dust or debris that may be generated by the old lock, and ensure that both sides of the door frame and the inner and outer surfaces of the new lock are wiped for installation at one time.

This will prevent dust from accumulating in your new smart door lock mechanism. Over time, dust may cause failure or part damage due to your lack of lock maintenance!

3) Step 3: Install a new keyless door bolt.

The next step is to prepare the new keyless door latch by removing the packaging and mounting plate and putting them aside temporarily. Before continuing, please make sure you know where these clips will go later!

Next, we need to take out the door latch unit (the part with two side holes) and align our impact plate to see how much space is left when connecting them later in the installation process. Install the new keyless door lock on the door and mark the position you need to cut so that it fits tightly into place.

4) Step 4: Install the impact plate.

Remove the old latch and tap the plate. Using a screwdriver, remove them if they are screwed on. Push the top of each pin with your thumb and pull outward to release them if they are fastened with clips.

5) Step 5: Install the panel and fix it with screws.

Install the new latch onto the door, and then install the crash panel on it until it clicks into place. Install the panel and fix it with screws. If you want to replace the existing panel, unscrew it from its current position. If possible, use screws instead of glue when installing them together – this can be easily removed if necessary!

6) Step 6: Adjust as needed.

If necessary, adjust by loosening or tightening any screws until everything is properly aligned; If you are not sure whether the adjustment is accurate, use the key and code to lock/unlock multiple times for testing.

If you want to adjust the keyboard sensitivity (to avoid incorrect input), please remove the battery cover from the back of the housing and carefully bend the tab from the inner surface of the housing until the required sensitivity level is reached (be careful not to disconnect the label).

7) Step 7: Test the lock.

Open and close the door five times continuously, and ensure that all locks work normally by locking and unlocking when closing the door each time. There will be some resistance when turning the keyless door bolt, which is normal and helps prevent intruders from entering your home.

8) Step 8: Program and set a new password for your new lock.

The last step in installing the keyless entry system is to program it so that only you can enter! For this keyless door lock to work, you must enter a programming code. In addition, you need to set a new visitor code for daily use.

3. What should I pay attention to when installing a keyless door lock?

When installing keyless door locks, several factors must be taken into account.

1) Keyless door lock style

The first factor is the style of the keyless door lock. There are many types of keyless door locks. You should find one that is suitable for your home decoration and aesthetics.

2) Installation position of keyless door lock

Choosing the right location for your keyless door lock is another important consideration. Some people lock their front door, while others lock their garage door or back door.

3) Security of keyless door lock

Make sure that you purchase high-quality keyless door locks to ensure the security required by your family or business! If possible, ask for advice from people who know these things before purchasing, so as not to waste money on unsafe construction without knowing it in advance.

4) Price of keyless door lock

Keyless locks are much more expensive than old-fashioned ones. If you want the house to be safe, you’d better not buy cheap ones. Keyless door lock size. Before purchasing new doors and windows, you’d better choose the size suitable for your door and window; Otherwise, it will not adapt well during installation.

4. Common questions about how to install keyless door locks

Here are some common problems:

1) Why do I need to install keyless door locks?

A keyless door lock allows you to unlock the door using the keyboard or smartphone. Keyboard entry systems are also often more secure than traditional door latches because they need to enter passwords rather than actual keys.

Keyless door locks have many advantages, including:

  • Convenient

Keyless door locks are more convenient because you do not need to carry keys. Instead, you can use a mobile phone or another device of similar size with an Internet connection to unlock the door and enter your home. This is much faster than opening the key and inserting it into the lock!

  • Security

Keyless locks are safer because they do not allow others to enter your home unless they have the correct password or fingerprint.

  • Reliable

Keyless door locks are more reliable. This is because they do not have the same problems as ordinary locks. Keyless door locks are difficult to crack. If you use electronic locks, the situation will be more complex.

5. Conclusion

I hope this article can help you understand how to install keyless door locks. If you want to find a better keyless door lock, you can protect your home or office more safely and remotely through mobile applications, please check our smart locks.

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