How to get from Denver to Aspen

Denver is Colorado’s most populous city. It is located to the east of the Rocky Mountains. It is a city that enjoys the outdoors and is well-known for its arts, culture, food and music. Denver is known as The Mile High City. This refers to Denver’s altitude. Denver is exactly 5,280 feet (1 km) above sea level. Denver lies approximately 160 miles east from Aspen, which is a ski resort town that offers year-round outdoor recreation. Denver is higher than Aspen. It is situated at 7,908 feet. More than 31 million people visit Denver annually, and nearly 1.5 million go to Aspen. Many people make the trip between these two cities. There are many ways to travel from Denver to Aspen.

Denver To Aspen By Shuttle

Shared-ride transportation in small vans is the shuttle, which departs frequently from Denver airport. Shuttles stop at many hotels and resorts in Aspen. It takes just over four hours to complete the trip. Although the vans are comfortable and less expensive than private shuttles, you will still be traveling with other passengers.

Denver To Aspen By Bus

The bus is the best way to travel from Denver to Aspen. It is not something Car Service Denver to Aspen recommend as there are many moving parts that could leave you confused. It takes approximately 4h 47m to travel from Denver to Aspen, covering a distance of 331 km. The average layover time is around 6 minutes. Bustang and RFTA operate the Denver-To Aspen bus service. It departs from Union Station Gate B4 in Denver and arrives at Garmisch St + Hopkins Ave. Although 28 buses usually run weekly, weekend and holiday schedules may vary so make sure to check in advance.

The Colorado Department of Transportation offers a Bustang System which will take you from Union Station in Downtown Denver to West Glenwood Park and Ride, Glenwood Springs. The CDOT West Line Bus only runs twice daily from Union station. You will have very little chance of reaching Aspen if you miss the bus.

It will take approximately 4 hours to get from Union Statin to Glenwood Springs. At 7:55 am, buses leave Union Statin. You will reach Glenwood Springs around 10:55 AM.

You will need to take Roaring Fork Transit Authority Bus L from Glenwood Springs to get to Aspen. The bus ride will take approximately an hour, and buses depart about once an hour. You will be taken to Aspen’s centre by the bus. This means that depending on your location, you may need an Uber or Lyft to get to your condo, resort or hotel.

Denver To Aspen By Car

Car travel is the most convenient method to reach Aspen. This is a beautiful road trip. Denver has many car rental companies, mountain car service to Aspen finding the best deal is key. You can take the car anywhere you want, making stops along the way and driving when you feel like it.

It is easy to get from Denver to Aspen in a car. It should take approximately four hours to complete the 200-mile journey. You can take the I-70 west from Denver to Glenwood Springs. It is approximately 40 miles from Glenwood Springs to Aspen. Follow the signs to Aspen on Highway 82. This route is accessible all year.

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