Happy Feet Movie Review


Happy Feet is a spectacular jukebox musical with cutting-edge CG and a star-studded cast. Its main plot is about tolerance, talent and the value of diversity. The animation is incredible and the film does contain a few scenes of peril that may scare small children. The film also has a number of songs that are catchy and memorable.

The Story

Despite some flaws, Happy Feet is a great movie. It has a strong message of individuality and diversity wrapped up in beautiful visuals and exuberant characters. George Miller does a superb job of directing and the animation is almost photo-real. Robin Williams is fantastic as well. He manages to do three different voices and never gets annoying. Elijah Wood also does a good job as Mumble, the main character.

As the movie progresses, there are several scenes that deal with the danger and peril of the animals in Antarctica. These scenes are very intense and could scare some younger children. The pelispedia film also has a subplot that deals with the penguins not having enough fish because of humans. This subplot did seem to drag on and get a little preachy at times.

Overall, Happy Feet is a great movie and one of the best animated movies ever made. The cinematography is breathtaking as well and the animation is nearly photo-real. The characters are also very entertaining and the story is well told. The movie also has some action scenes as well which help keep the audience engaged.

The Music

In the midst of a very weak year for animated films, Happy Feet is an absolute delight. The movie grabs you with its dazzling visuals and almost photo-realistic level of artistry. It also boasts a very entertaining story with some sharp eco-messages.

The characters are cute and the animation has that kinetic flair, so that it zooms into close-ups and then backs out to the wide shots with equal ease. The music is lively and has a good variety. Most of the songs are pop hits with a few gospel tunes thrown in.

The voice cast is strong with the likes of Robin Williams, Brittany Murphy, Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. However, Savion Glover really stands out as the fanciful Emperor penguin Mumble. He is a very talented tap dancer, and he delivers a solid performance. The film is a fun and entertaining movie that will definitely entertain children and adults alike. However, there are some scenes that may upset small children and some people may not like the message that is added in to this movie.

The Voice Actors

As an animated film for children this movie is fairly straightforward and easy to follow. It does contain a few scenes that may upset younger viewers, however.

The story centers around Mumble, a penguin that is different from others because he dances and sings. He is able to find love with Norma Jean, another penguin that has had trouble fitting in. They are able to overcome their differences and show the world that they are not like the rest of the penguins.

Happy Feet was directed by George Miller who is no stranger to family movies. He also directed the popular 1990’s animated films Babe and Babe: Pig in the City. His work on the dystopian Mad Max trilogy also gave him experience in creating a vision of the future that is not quite what the majority of society sees. Happy Feet is an entertaining movie that is suitable for all ages. It is a great example of how a movie can promote tolerance and diversity in a way that is appealing to all.

The Animation

The feet in George Miller’s Happy Feet shuffle and stomp with glorious syncopation, thanks to the genius of tap-dancer Savion Glover. But that’s only one of the many imaginative elements crammed into this dazzling film about love, diversity and tolerance.

It has grand scope, with spectacular aerial shots of vast icy glaciers and outer space. It tackles salient issues like over-harvesting arctic fish (and how that affects the creatures who depend on it for food) and takes well-deserved jabs at organized religion.

It also delivers a message of hope, as Mumble brings together his family, friends and foes with the power of dance. And all the while, cutting-edge animation keeps us spellbound. This is a movie that should be seen on a big screen, not a laptop. And it should definitely be watched by adults, not children. Because, although it is funny and entertaining on a surface level, there is a serious, even sad subplot here, too.

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