Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid in Your E-commerce

The boom in virtual stores is encouraging more entrepreneurs to put their products online, and thus have the opportunity to increase their sales. However, we must bear in mind that e-commerce has fundamental things such as the elements for an online store, and e-commerce platforms, among others.

But, just as there are SEO errors, there may also be e-commerce errors that can harm your online store.

Not analyzing your business plan

This is one of the e-commerce errors that we have at the beginning of the project. If we have the idea of ​​creating an online store, it is important to recognize that there are advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce.

This will help us to recognize what points we must analyze to have a better commercial strategy and define the business plan.

In many cases, some entrepreneurs have little budget, but you must take into account the following key points:

  • Analyze the Business: Here it will be important that you analyze the type of product or service you provide, establish the price and have a budget for your digital project.
  • Study the competition: Many make the mistake of not analyzing who their competition is and what strategies they use to succeed.
  • Study the sector: Another fatal mistake is not studying how the sector or area where your business belongs.


Choose the right e-commerce platforms

Now is the time to select the e-commerce platforms that best suit your business.

For example, the most used platforms for this type of business are Shopify and WordPress, among others, which give you greater advantages to attract your audience.

In addition, some tools will help you manage the contents of your online store, CMS, and hosting.


Mismanagement of the stock of products

Many virtual stores make the mistake of having bad management of the stock of products. For example, let’s imagine that we no longer have said product and you delete it from our virtual store.

This action is a fatal error since it will affect SEO and especially the user. We recommend that you do not delete your products, you can integrate a notification system that says “Out of stock” and another to indicate that the product is already available.


Poor quality images

Having heavy and poor-quality images is one of the most common e-commerce mistakes. Something that you should prioritize is the images of your products.

Also, remember that these should not be very heavy, since it impairs the loading speed.

Some of our recommendations are to publish photos less than 100kb, have a variety of good-quality images, and show details and measurements.


Poor information structure

Just as there is a good structure for the creation of your e-commerce, there should also be a good information structure.

For this reason, your content must be ordered in such a way that your visitor finds your products and/or service more easily. This factor will improve the user experience.

To do this, you can define the categories or sections of the main menu and give the user better navigation on your website.


Bad purchase process in your e-commerce

In the world of digital marketing, before creating any campaign, tests are always done to see if it works completely well.

Therefore, before creating your online store, you must have some tests of the purchase process to help us find errors and solve them to have a good phase in the sales funnel.


Not trusting the potential customer

Many customers are still afraid to make purchases online, as they fear that their payment cards will be cloned or that it is not the official page of the store

However, to avoid these setbacks, we can build trust with the potential client through elements such as SSL certificates, provide return policies, and transparently detailed shipping costs, among others.

Do you want to manage your e-commerce? At Digital Specialist, we have the best e-commerce specialists, who can provide you with advice and solutions to create your virtual store and help you to avoid common e-commerce mistakes.

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