A Winning Combination

Invisalign and Implants have gained in popularity as they affect aesthetic appearance totally and make teeth more functional as well.

The usual problems here are missing teeth, misaligned bites, and bites, all of which can relate to aesthetics as well as overall well-being. That being said, present-day dentistry offers state-of-the-art solutions to deduce the demerits of periodontal diseases. Invisalign system of clear aligners works efficiently to rectify dental irregularities, whereas dental implants constitute great comparable implants to the missing teeth. By working hand in hand, the process of combination therapy ends up having the most effective and outstanding result in the appearance of your teeth.

In case, these two technologies are used in contradiction, the expansive benefits can be experienced by the patients.

Understanding Invisalign and Dental Implants

Planning and Coordination: The effectiveness of this foraging procedure depends on conducting meticulous arrangements and coordination of the actions of your dentist and possibly an orthodontist. Personalized care treatment is the key phrase. They will assess your individual needs and take care of your optimal treatment plan.

Invisalign First: In very many cases, Invisalign treatment is recommended before implant placement to avoid future complications. For the prosthesis to be implanted, you have to allow for optimal positioning, which will include conducting tests to find out if there is enough room for the mouth structure to align properly.

Implant Placement and Integration: The dentist or the oral surgeon will place the dental implant(s) afterward to ensure perfect correspondence with the teeth’ position. Post a rehabilitation period, the abutment and crown will be connected to the implant creating a tooth-like artificial structure, which can function properly.

Invisalign Refinements: Sometimes, small modifications with Invisalign may be required following implant-based treatment to create the best results. Having the implant precisely positioned and aligned with the rest of your teeth is, therefore, an imperative part of the process.

The advantages of combining Invisalign and dental implants

Combining Invisalign and dental implants offers several advantages over addressing these concerns individually: Combining Invisalign and dental implants offers several advantages over addressing these concerns individually:

Comprehensive Smile Correction: This is an adjustment that uses a combination of straightening misaligned teeth and filling the missing teeth so that the smile appears complete and beautifully aligned.

Improved Oral Health: A perfectly aligned set of teeth is less prone to developing plaque and bacteria, decreasing your chances of getting cavities and periodontal diseases. Besides being responsible for overall jawbone health and preventing bone loss, implants do the favor of making the jawbone strong too.

Enhanced Function: Consequently, there is more improved biting support and oral health due to the appliances that are in their normal position and implant-supported restorations respectively.

Increased Confidence: In addition to that, smiling often brings you a healthy smile which does nothing but make you love yourself more.


There’s only one best option for you to enhance your smile’s appearance and function, then just make yourself open to inquiry on the dual method of invisalign and dental implants. The treatment plan may differ from individual to individual and getting a qualified dentist’s consultation is the best way to determine whether you are a compatible candidate or otherwise. Being a skilled planner and performer holds a big secret in achieving enviably beautiful and confident smiles.


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