A Parent’s Guide to the Admission Process of Montessori Senior High School, Tokyo

It’s important to choose the correct high school for your child since it will affect their future. The Montessori High School in Tokyo provides a special educational opportunity. They focus on personalised instruction and promote independence. 

This article offers insights to help parents make sense of the Montessori High School admissions process and guarantee a seamless transition for their kids.

1- Understanding the Montessori school of Tokyo’s philosophy 

What foundational ideas guide the Montessori educational philosophy? Parents must understand the cornerstones of the Montessori philosophy before contemplating admittance. The focus of a Montessori education is on student-centred learning. 

They engage in a flexible setting within constraints and a practical educational approach. Parents can assess how the Montessori Senior High School fits with their child’s educational requirements and goals by knowing these guiding principles.

2- Researching the senior high school’s curriculum 

What topics and academic disciplines are taught in the curriculum at the Montessori High School? Examine the basic topics and optional choices. The parents must also gather any specialist programs included in the Montessori School of Tokyo curriculum for their kids. 

They can gain insight into how the school promotes academic performance and critical thinking. Get insight into the school’s well-rounded development by understanding the curriculum. Think about how the curriculum fits with your child’s interests, objectives, and aspirations for the future.

3- Visiting the school and attending information sessions 

What should parents look out for and ask about when they are there? Plan a visit to the Montessori High School to get a feel for the campus. Take notice of the surroundings and the design of the classroom. Have an interaction between the instructors and the pupils.

Attend information sessions or open houses to find out more about the school’s core principles. 

Enquire if they engage in extracurricular programs and accessible student support services. This will enable parents to decide whether Montessori Senior High School is the best option for their son or daughter.

4- Meeting admission requirements and deadlines 

Make sure you obtain the required documentation and familiarise yourself with the entrance criteria. These could include a completed application form. Get academic transcripts and letters of recommendation for a better chance of admission. 

To avoid any last-minute rush or hassles, be organised by writing down the application deadlines and sending all essential materials on time.

 5- Preparing for the admission interview 

What characteristics and traits could be desired in candidates by the Montessori School of Tokyo? The admissions interview gives the school a chance to learn more about your child’s character, passions, and driving forces. 

Discuss potential interview questions with your child. You can promote self-expression and put an emphasis on your kid’s talents and hobbies to help them get ready. In particular, highlight the importance of freedom and curiosity. Cultivate the value of love of learning, which is the values and characteristics shared by Montessori High School. 

6- Financial considerations and scholarship opportunities 

Recognize the financial requirements for admission, such as the cost of tuition. Get cost details on any other expenses like uniforms, books, or extracurricular activities. Find out whether the Montessori Senior High School offers any financial assistance or scholarship possibilities for qualified students. In order to make sure that your child transitions smoothly, it’s critical to prepare and spend appropriately.

Wrapping it up 

For both parents and students, applying to the Montessori High School in Tokyo may be a thrilling and life-changing experience. Parents can confidently traverse the process by familiarising themselves with the Montessori philosophy. 

A complete and personalised educational experience that allows students to realise their full potential. Getting such an experience to make them ready for the future is possible by choosing Montessori High School. 

When you choose GIIS as your international school for your kid, you can navigate them through the future. Go through the guide of the admission process of the Montessori School of Tokyo and shape your child’s intellectual future.

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