8 Of The Hardest Sega Genesis Bosses To Beat

There were some very hard boss fights on the Sega Genesis. These examples made people want to pull out their hair.

In games for the Sega Genesis, there was never an auto-save feature, and most games didn’t even have a save function. Players often had to “grind” their way through hard levels by memorizing the plan pixel by pixel and making a perfect run, or else they had to start from the beginning. And the funny thing is that sometimes the hardest part wasn’t the level itself. At the end, the boss was there to greet them.

When a player gets to the end of that scary stage and the music stops and a health meter pops up on the screen, it gives them a certain kind of energy rush. Even the easiest boss can feel hard when you know that a few wrong moves can end the game, but some Sega Genesis bosses were a whole different level of hard.

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