6 Tips for Skill Point Management In Honkai: Star Rail

During battles, skill points are an obviously important resource that needs to be used well.

Honkai: Star Rail has a turn-based combat system that makes good use of a lot of interesting elements to keep the game and fights interesting and fun. Team compositions, especially character roles and stats (like the Speed stat, which determines the order of actions in battle), are important for completing difficult content, but there are also many other unique parts of the game that are important as well.

One of these things is that players will need Skill Points to use their characters’ skills in addition to their Ultimate Attacks and Basic Attacks. Most characters’ Skills cost a skill point and give them benefits that their Basic Attacks don’t give. Also, they changed the game to make it more tactical, so players of Honkai: Star Rail have to be aware of when to use their skills tactically.

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