5 Best Villains In The BioShock Franchise, Ranked

There are a lot of famous bad guys in the BioShock trilogy. Here is a ranking of the best in the series.

Since the first BioShock game came out in 2007 and gave players a chance to explore a complicated and interesting steampunk world, the series has been a big deal in the industry. After what some people have called the worst game in the trio, the last game in the series changed the way games are made in a big way. And how amazing the stories are. BioShock is unlike any other game because it has political and moral themes that are hard to understand.

Each game takes place in a different realm, and each game has an effect on what happens in the other games. The writers and developers have linked them in a way that has never been done before in a series.

Fans have loved the games for almost 20 years, and the series has been called one of the best of all time. Like many other popular games, BioShock’s characters, especially the differences and connections between the bad guys, are a big part of why people like it so much.

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