3-Top Benefits of Having a CASp

ADA compliance is crucial for businesses and property owners. It ensures proper disability access and prevents potential lawsuits.

However, an ADA coordinator is a Certified Access Specialist (CASp). They can help verify property accessibility standards and confirm proper disability access. Despite the demanding job, CASps provide:

  • Valuable resources and knowledge.
  • Drafting inspection reports.
  • Outlining requirements.
  • Providing an ADA certificate.

Hiring a CASp can significantly benefit property owners and employers.

Here, we will discuss some aspects of a CASp.

What Is A CASp?

A certified access specialist (CASP) is a state-certified individual that business owners can hire to evaluate accessibility. SB 1608 allows business owners to hire a Certified Access Professional (CASP) to inspect their buildings for compliance with disability access standards. Also, they obtain an inspection report as proof.

Hence, a company implementing CASP recommendations is eligible for an early evaluation conference and a 90-day stay of legal action.

Finally, you should consider schedule a Commercial CASp Survey to ensure inclusive ADA compliance and legal protection.


Employing a CASp makes sense for firms for several reasons. The ADA aims to promote access for everyone, but an unexpected consequence is a rise in shakedown cases.

However, the lawyers who start these cases frequently stand to gain more from them than those who are supposedly pursuing the case.

So, obtaining a CASp report is essential as some attorneys are still accused of pursuing shakedown lawsuits over ten years after SB 1608 was passed.

The following are some concrete advantages of obtaining a CASp report:


Once your company is designated as a qualifying defendant, you receive a ninety-day stay on any court proceedings. This implies that the time between the plaintiff’s filing of the complaint and your appearance in court will be three months. The ninety-day stay can save your business money in two ways.

The lawsuit allows your business to collaborate with the plaintiff and reach a settlement if it is valid. It also gives you time to fix the property if needed.

Ensure Access for Everybody

Employers should not discriminate against applicants based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability. However, any commercial property must be accessible to all groups of people.

One in four Americans, or roughly 26% of the population, have a disability. As the Baby Boomer generation ages, that number will only increase. Hence, Contact ADA Compliance Pros for assistance. Knowledge is power!

Minimize Lawsuit Damages

Lawsuits cost a lot of money. Nevertheless, if a court rules in favour of the defendant, a company still has to invest significant time, money and energy in the cases.

Frequently, Shakedown lawyers try to persuade businesses to settle their lawsuits, often for five figures.

A CASP report will encourage dishonest lawyers to pursue your company. However, it will offer some defences if you are in legal trouble. It can also shield you from legal action down the road.

Moreover, the report will only defend you in a lawsuit if someone charges your business and you have retained a CASp. However, the CASp inspection can aid you if another lawsuit comes your way in the upcoming days, significantly when you improve on the findings in the report.


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