Meet The Palenqueras, The Black Females Who Depict The Afro-Colombian Tradition

Cartagena is a should-go metropolis for worldwide holidaymakers in South America. With a affluent document, society, gastronomy and astonishing landscapes, this city may give current the shopper a plentiful of pleasure and pleasure making it 1 of the beloved locations within the location. Other than its distinctive vacationer points of interest, Cartagena additionally retains historic figures that stand for the Afro-Colombian folks as a most. They’re the Palenqueras and have a very unbelievable trajectory.

These stunning Black women, who roam the in depth strips of land of the Colombian Caribbean, greet the vacationers with their large smiles, dressing in rainbows and carrying a menu of probably the most distinctive fruits attribute of our land. 

The story of those Black Colombian gals began tons of of years up to now when Colombia was even now a Spanish colony and slavery was a licensed follow as very effectively because it was throughout the Americas.

In the middle of these intervals, the enslaved Blacks who managed to flee settled in groups in some areas recognized as maroons. One among them is the village of San Basilio de Palenque, which is about an hour from Cartagena and it’s proceed to property to most of those gals.

Colombia's history
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On this preliminary free Black people settlement within the Americas, they might handle many African traditions. That’s exactly why Palenquero emerged, a language centered on Spanish and on languages ​​spoken within the Democratic Republic of Congo.

These former enslaved Africans ran to mountainous locations, distant and tough to acquire. Secured by geography and their thirst for liberty, these grownup males and women produced the “Palenques”. “Fortresses wherever they had been being outfitted to take care of their customs, traditions and above all: be cost-free.” They seem from the primary slave-free metropolis in The us: “San Basilio de Palenque”.

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