Let’s talk about the Moco Museum, a young Amsterdam art museum that is causing a buzz

Amsterdam is known worldwide for being a very artistic city. Its plethora of museums makes it a favorite choice for art lovers. However, what happens when art is boring to some? The Moco Museum was born in 2016 with the intention of awakening the artistic palate of both the youngest and the most experienced. Its internal corridors are filled with a large number of works of art, distributed on its 3 floors. As if that were not enough, you can also find art in the garden of this Amsterdam art museum. In fact, it is a museum that is causing a furor because it is able to attract the attention even of people who have never intended to set foot in a museum. It is truly a unique experience.

Breaking with the paradigm of what a museum should be

One of the problems with the word “museum” is that it denotes antiquity. It is very common that when we enter a museum, we see works of art that date back hundreds of years. This is where the Moco Museum excels. It is not a museum focused on ancient works but on contemporary art pieces adapted to the reality of modern society. From the moment you arrive at Villa Alsberg, the building where this museum is located, you realize how young and modern it looks.  It is the only Amsterdam art museum that is not stuck in the past. Its founders Lionel and Kim Logchies are aware that art evolves with the passage of time and this is what they want to deliver to their visitors. Young and fun art.

How to plan your visit to this Amsterdam art museum?

If you are planning to travel to Amsterdam as a tourist or you already live in this beautiful city and want to visit this museum, you should first enter its website to know all the details. The Moco Museum offers a complete website rich in information. From the works on display to the purchase of tickets, everything is possible from one place. If you have any doubts, you can always contact customer support. Remember that each museum has rules that you must follow. If you don’t know them, this Amsterdam art museum has a section where they are described in detail. These rules exist to make each person’s visit a truly unique experience and to make sure that everyone can enjoy it to the fullest.

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