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However I have to clarify to you the way all this mistaken concept of denouncing pleasure and praising ache was born and I offers you an entire account of the system, and expound the precise teachings of the nice explorer of the reality, the master-builder of human happiness.

Nobody rejects, dislikes, or avoids pleasure itself, as a result of it’s pleasure, however as a result of those that have no idea easy methods to pursue pleasure rationally encounter penalties which can be extraordinarily painful. Nor once more is there anybody who loves or pursues or wishes to acquire ache of itself, as a result of it’s ache, however as a result of sometimes circumstances happen by which toil and ache can procure him some nice pleasure.

To take a trivial instance, which of us ever undertakes laborious bodily train, besides to acquire some benefit from it? However who has any proper to seek out fault with a person who chooses to get pleasure from a pleasure that has no annoying penalties, or one who avoids a ache that produces no resultant pleasure?

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